Gather on Sundays

We gather publicly every week at 11:00 at OPEN (formerly the DOK Centrum / library building) at Vesteplein 100, 2611 WG Delft.

Getting There

By Bike:
You can park your bike on the street in front of Vesteplein 100 or on the Bastiaansplein. It is advised to lock your bike well.

By Tram, Bus or Train:
The closest bus stop to the venue is Zuidpoort, but it is likely to be faster to walk from Delft Central Station.  You can catch tram number 1 or 19 or any bus or train to Delft Central Station.  From here, walk to Barbarasteeg on the other side of the canal.  Follow the road straight on unto the Breestraat. At the end of the Breestraat, turn left onto the Brabantse Turfmarkt and then right crossing the bridge at the Gasthuissteeg.  After that, turn right unto the other side of the Brabantse turfmarkt. Turn left unto Vesteplein. The venue will be on the left side opposite the Theater de Veste and Pathé.

By Car:
If you need to drive, you can park in the Zuidpoortgarage (Zuidwal 14, 2611 DD, Delft – 1 min walk). Free parking on Sunday is available till 12:00 on the Gasthuisplaats (5 min walk), but after 12:00 don’t forget to pay. For those who prefer free parking, outside of the city centre the parking is free the whole Sunday. See the map of Delft Parking here.

On the following map the green areas are free the whole Sunday. For example Professor Snijdersstraat or Professor van Itersonpad are just 5 min walk.

Parking in Delft on Sunday afternoon