Our Vision For The Term

What we believe God wants to do among us in this season.

Dean Wilding

Dean Wilding

Lead Elder

Recap 2021-22: The 3Rs

The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,
because the Lord has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.

Isaiah 61:1

At the start of 2021, we introduced the 3Rs to describe how we believe God would lead us out of this pandemic into the near future.  What are these and what are they about?

  1. Reshaping Church – the pandemic has highlighted the strengths and weakness of us all, including our church.  We believe God is asking us to change the way we do certain things to better fit with His Word in the Bible and our context here in Delft.  These changes will be slowly implemented over the coming months – so expect some experimentation and failure!
  2. Restoring People – the pandemic has placed a lot of strain on many of us, on our relationships, on our church community, and we believe that God wants to bring healing and restoration to His church because He loves it.  We believe that a fresh pouring out of the Holy Spirit is coming and we want to be ready and open to this movement of God.
  3. Reigniting Mission – the pandemic has touched lives of people all across our city and we believe that as God restore us as a church community He is also preparing and inspiring us for His work of reacting those He loves and calls to Himself in this city of Delft and beyond.

This Term: May to July 2022

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10:10

Since January our day-to-day lives have changed considerably.  We started the year in lockdown and now there are few restrictions on our lives because of the pandemic.  This does not mean that we have returned to a perfect pre-pandemic bliss.  There is now a war in Europe, the energy rises are rocketing, political tensions are high and economic inflation is making us all poorer by the day.  In these uncertain times, we believe God is still working and he is asking us to lean into the following things:

  1. Seeking Renewal – we believe that God wants to revive us, He wants to return a passion and a fire for Him in our hearts that may have gone out over the pandemic.  He wants us to seek and expect more of His Presence and power as we gather to worship Him.
  2. Sharing Hope – we believe that in the midst of a world that is getting more and more anxious and frustrated about the failure of the secular vision to deliver its promised peace and prosperity, we have a solid and sure hope to share that does not depend on the circumstances or changes we are facing: Jesus.
  3. Standing Firm – we believe this is also a period to stand firm.  As we move forward to recover things that have been lost during the pandemic, but also to pursue the call of God forward into new things, there will be resistance and we need to stand firm in our faith through the difficulties and challenges that come our way personally and corporately.