Getting Involved with Gift Day 2021

Welcome! This is our page for making a pledge (a promise to give) towards our Gift Day 2021.  This year, we will be taking an offering towards the expansion and extension of what we are doing as a community in Delft.  As with all the money we receive at least 10% of donations will be given away externally.

We believe that God has been speaking to us about the way that we do church and the need for us to adapt and to change with what He is going to do next.  For this we want to invest in the following areas:

  • Reshaping Church – finding a home for the church in the city.
  • Restoring People – setting apart someone to lead God’s restorative work.
  • Reigniting Mission – training leaders and teams for mission.
  • External Target (10%) – we will contribute to the work of an organization working in Delft.

You can read more in detail about these below.  Please make a transfer to our bank account before the end of June.  Any questions, please contact:

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One of things we believe will be important going forward is to be a medium-sized venue that we can use outside of Sundays.  This will function as a  “home” for the church in the city of Delft.  A place that our staff and volunteers can work and welcome the city into.  Where we can host courses and other missional activities.  Whilst we have usually rented venues from other people, we would like to find a place of our own as we exit the pandemic.


We believe that this pandemic period has caused a lot of damage in some people’s lives.  The good news is that God is still in the business of restoration and He wants to pour out His Spirit in healing and power upon His people.  To respond to this need, we want to be able to set apart (employ) someone to lead this work in raising up and training a team of people to be active in bringing healing in our community.


We believe that God has been working throughout this pandemic to wake the world up.  To show it more clearly its brokenness and need for Him.  We believe that God is going to revive the church and reignite His mission in the world to bring people to Jesus.  We want to prepare ourselves for this move through the training and mobilization of various ministry teams (e.g. seeking justice, mental health support, etc.).


We will be making a contribution of 10% of the money we receive in this Gift Day to an organization or organizations working in Delft to build the kingdom of God and love this city.