Welcome! This is our page for making a pledge towards our Gift Day 2020.  This year, we have four giving targets that you can contribute to.  Furthermore, we are going to allow you to decide where you would like to give your money.  We have provided more information about each of these to aid you in your decision.  We believe that God will work through all of us to get the money to the right place.


We believe this is a moment for those that have to share with those that do not.  We want to contribute money that will go to help those in need in the city of Delft.  Given the current situation and the need we want to gift the money towards the Food Bank (Voedselbank) in Delft.


There are already people in our community who have been impacted by this crisis through loss of income and work.  We have already started to support these people through gifts.  In order to continue doing this in the long term we will need supplementary income to this normal giving target.


We recognise that we in a wealthy part of the world have a godly responsibility to help our brothers and sisters elsewhere.  We want to continue supporting the construction of a high school in Mozambique as the coronacrisis threatens to cut off all support for this strategic mission opportunity.  We also would like to contribute to the direct needs of pastors within the Disciple Nations family of churches in Zimbabwe as economic lockdown has removed their income sources.


We have been a supporter of new church plants within our family of churches New Ground, most recently in Zwolle and Berlin.  We want to continue this calling in faith in our own local area.  The present situation provides a impetus to get these new plants off the ground as soon as possible.  To do this they will need starting capital for equipment, various media, building hire, legal fees, etc.

During May and June 2020 we have collected altogether 16 783 € donations to the Funds explained above.

Love Delft Love People Love the Nations
Love Church Planting
2799.85 4004.85 5578.38 4399.85

Thank you for your generosity!