Getting Involved with Gift Day 2022

Welcome! This is our page for making a pledge (a promise to give) towards our Gift Day 2022.  This year, we will be taking an offering towards the start-up and establishment of a new church in Rotterdam.

We believe that God has been speaking to us for many years about being involved in planting a church in Rotterdam and now a group of people from Redeemer Delft are going to join others in becoming a new church in Rotterdam: Redeemer Rotterdam.  Like any other start-up business or venture, things in their first years often need a bit of external support before they can support themselves financially.

The investment you make today will be used to pay for:

  • Personnel – in order to give the church the best possible start it needs dedicated time and as they say time equals money.
  • Equipment  – think of musical equipment, banners, coffee machines, storage boxes, they all need to be bought to have services.
  • Building Rental – one of the best parts of being a church is gathering together and for this (in the Netherlands) you need a building and buildings costs money.
  • Financial and Administrative Costs – think of bookkeepers, banking, notary fees that are all needed to get a functioning and legal church.

Make A Pledge

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Making Your Contribution

Once you have pledged, please can you make a transfer to Redeemer Rotterdam’s bank account (NL69 INGB 0675 5265 66) before the end of June 2022 do this with a reference ‘Delft Gift Day’.  Any questions, please contact: