Be in Community

What is a Life Group?

Redeemer International Church Delft is not just a Sunday meeting. The Bible is clear that church is not about meetings, or buildings but about people connecting with and loving one another.  Central to who we are as a church is the belief that our faith gets worked out in community, during our real day-to-day lives. Life Groups are a key part of this process, providing small contexts where we are able to study the Bible, chat, pray, share, cry, eat and laugh, with other people who love Jesus.  Whether you are a follower of Jesus or still a sceptic, you are welcome to attend one of these groups in or near your area of the city.

What do Life Groups look and feel like?

Everyone of our groups is different.  This is good, we love diversity, but we also want our Life Groups to have some common characteristics or marks:

  • They exist to make followers of Jesus Christ.

  • They pursue deep relationships with one another.

  • They are families of prayer and worship.

  • They are organic, but still organized.

  • They are fun and enjoyable.

  • They are connected, but not controlled.

  • They are for everyone, by everyone.

  • They are a small part of the big family of God.

How can I find out more?

If you are keen to join in, or to find out more. Please fill in our Connect Form, you will be placed in contact with Ivo or Rhodé.

Ivo van der Horst

Ivo van der Horst

Life Group Coordinator
Rhodé Zaagman

Rhodé Zaagman

Church Family Manager