Covid-19 Updates


Gathering as a church has looked different during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In recent months, there is optimistic news that this pandemic and the government measures may be able to be relaxed in the coming months and we will once again be able to safely and socially responsibly return to regular more normal in-person meetings.

An Approximate Roadmap

To help provide perspective of what this may look like (nothing is really certain, except Jesus, in these times) we have provided an approximate roadmap that has been tied to the information on the Dutch Government’s own routekaart.  We have matched the colour scheme to make it as easy as possible to compare.

This is found here (click to enlarge or download PDF):

  • Social Distancing Form

    A form to fill in if one of the church leaders needs to come within 1.5 m (e.g. for marriage, baptism, etc.)

  • In-Person Sign Up

    Take a look at the Events Page to see the In-Person Meetings, including Youth and Children’s activities, coming up in the next few months (subject to change).

  • Connect to Community

    If you are new or exploring the church at this time, we can help you connect to others.

In-Person Meetings

We have in-person meetings every Sunday at OPEN (Vesteplein 100, 2611 WG Delft) with a limited seating capacity due to the 1.5m social distancing rule.  Everyone can sign-up to these meetings via the Events Calendar.  For weeks when you do not come to OPEN, we recommend meeting up with others from your Life Group.

If you are new or not currently connected in a Life Group and would like to join one, please fill in our Connect Form or contact our Church Family Manager (Rhodé).

Special Functions (e.g. baptisms, marriages, etc.)

As part of our regular worship as a Christian community we need to in some cases break social distancing rules (i.e. coming within 1.5 m of other people).  This applies to performing baptisms, giving communion, marriage, laying on of hands to pray, and the anointing of the sick.  During this time, these functions can be done by members of the Leadership Team of the church.  In addition, all participants need to have a health check beforehand and sign the following form.