Covid-19 Updates

This page was updated on 15th December 2020.


Gathering as a church is going to look different for a while during the Covid-19 pandemic.  From June 1, 2020 it became possible to meet together in smaller groups and from July 1, 2020 it was possible to restart most general church activities, but social distancing requirements and maximum groups sizes still prevent the church going back to “normal” Sunday meetings.

Recent develops around vaccines currently suggest this could be the case until around the second half of 2021 when enough people will have been vaccinated to allow for the relaxation of social distancing rules.

This page gives up-to-date information for what it looks like for us to meet as a church and how we are adapting to the changes

Life Group Cluster Meetings & Newcomers (Postponed till mid-January)

We have begun as of 15 November with physical meetings as clusters (groups) of Life Groups of up to 30 people (excl. team).  If you are currently in a Redeemer Life Group you will receive an email inviting you to a meeting in the week before.  The planning of these Cluster Meetings can be found in MyChurchSuite, see the My Redeemer in the menu bar above.  These meetings take place in a well-ventilated hall with a regular seating capacity of 300 people, the usual social-distancing, no singing, face masks, and hygiene rules are in place to make these events as safe as possible.

Due to new measures from December 15 to January 19 there will be no cluster meetings.

If you are new or not currently in a Life Group and would like to join one of these meetings, please fill in our Connect Form or contact our Church Family Manager (Rhodé).

Changes to Life Groups from December 15

From December 15, the government strengthened the measures to combat Covid-19 and now a maximum of 2 guests (over 13) are allowed to visit anyone’s home per day.  This remains a major problem for many of our groups and will require creativity to continue physical meetings with everyone.  For now, we recommend to either return to meeting outside (one-to-one) or online.

Special Functions (e.g. baptisms, marriages, etc.)

As part of our regular worship as a Christian community we need to in some cases break social distancing rules (i.e. coming within 1.5 m of other people).  This applies to performing baptisms, giving communion, marriage, laying on of hands to pray, and the anointing of the sick.  During this time, these functions can only be done by those who have been designated as pastors (voorgangers).  These people are currently the eldership couples of the church.  In addition, all participants need to have a health check beforehand and sign the following form.