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IN: A Walk Through Ephesians

Last Sunday, I was glad to be back in Redeemer after a couple of week away.  The meeting for me was most of all a real reminder of the joy that our church brings me.  It was not going to the building that filled me with joy, it was not the worship time or the […]

Loving the Poor – Part II

This is the second half.  You can find the first half here. Who are “The Poor”? Jesus said: you will always have the poor among you (John 12:8). It is a simple fact that the poor will never disappear, they will always be among us until Jesus comes back. No matter how good we are […]

Loving the Poor – Part I

We live in a rich country, in a rich part of the world and being faced with poverty or people begging in the midst of the wealth of Western Europe, and especially in the Netherlands, can be quite confronting to us – as it is fortunately quite alien. There are often feelings of confusion over […]