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Official Documents and Publications

Stichting Redeemer International Church Delft (“Redeemer Delft”) was founded on 17 December 2018 in Delft (Our KvK nr: 73364274; RSIN nr: 859487830). Shortly thereafter Redeemer Delft was also registered as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) with the Dutch Tax Authorities. As a consequence, anyone who gives money to the church can deduct that from their income or company tax, to the extent permitted by Dutch law.

Redeemer International Church in Delft was a ‘church plant’ from Redeemer International Church in The Hague.  You can read more about our history visiting the About – Our Story page.

Here you will find all the documents as required by Dutch law that we are required to publish due to our registration as an ANBI.

Stichting Related Publications

RSIN: 859487830

The board consists of :

  • Steven Haffner, chairman
  • Peter George, secretary
  • Floyd Lau, treasurer
  • Dean Wilding

The purpose of the church will be, in obedience with God’s infallible Word (“the Bible”), empowered by the Holy Spirit, to lead people to Jesus and His family, whereby coming to spiritual maturity and learning to exalt His name. In this they shall also be equipped to serve and to proclaim His Kingdom in the world.

In fulfilling the vision, the approach of Redeemer International Church Delft is to:
• Clearly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus through engaging teaching on Sunday meetings, and in other contexts.
• Clearly demonstrate the implications of the Gospel in how the church serves and engages with the city in which it finds itself.
• Intentionally seek to start new churches in other parts of the city we find ourselves in, as well as into other cities in the Netherlands, and further afield.
• Have a strong focus on leadership development so that there is enough leaders to lead what is happening now, what will happen as the church grows, and what will happen as new churches are started in different localities.
In addition to the above, the church will strive to attain this purpose through:
• organizing meetings
• the provision of religious education in the broadest sense
• organizing missionary and evangelical activities
• various media, such as the distribution and/or provision of Christian literature
• active involvement in different forms of social aid
• cooperation with other organizations that are striving toward the same goals
• other lawful means

Redeemer Delft currently employs 4 people, being:

  • Dean Wilding – Lead Elder – Full Time
  • Rhodé Zaagman – Communication Manager – Part Time
  • Peter George – Operations Manager – Part Time (on sick leave)
  • Priscilla Lo-Cheung – Operations Assistant – Part Time (sick leave cover)

Employees’ remuneration is in line with equivalent roles in other churches and not-for-profit organisations, according to Dutch law and regulations. External advice has been taken into consideration.

Financial Statements

During the year the work of the church was provided for by the grace of God and through the continued support of its members who gave generously their time, energy and financial resources.


Total revenues in 2019 were 180 077 €. It was 5% below the budget of 189 600 €. Total expenses in 2019 were 169 353 €.  It was 10% below the budget of 189 044 €. The net result for the 2019 year was 10 724 €. 


The main categories were employment costs of 96 519€ and expenses related to church meetings of 37 544 €. 

Donations given away

Third biggest category of the donations given away or set aside to be given away were done mostly via the New Ground Church, which is a family of churches to which we belong to. We look forward to continuing giving generously and joyfully.

Net result

As a result of lower revenues from January to April and from June to October we cut back on expenses. In May we had a Gift Day for expanding also our employment, that realised only from January 2020, and in November and December we received higher donations, these explain the net result of 10 724 € for 2019. 

Financial position

As of end 2019 the church’s financial assets were 44 625 € as bank deposits. Financial liabilities amounted to 19 284 € out of which 10 457 € were set aside into donations funds to be given away such: “Love the People”, “Love Delft”, “Love the Nations” and “Church Planting Fund”.

By the grace of God, the Stichting Redeemer International Church Delft is in a good financial position to be able to continue its mission of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, to account for potentially unexpected expenses, and to respond in giving to the purposes which God might call us to. We thank Jesus Christ, our Lord and God!

More information can be found in our downloadable PDF Financial Statements 2019.

Up until 2018, we were one entity as Stichting Redeemer International Church. You can find all the financial statements on our mother church’s web site at https://www.redeemerchurch.nl/about/publications/