Our Story

Redeemer International Church in Delft was a ‘church plant’ from Redeemer International Church in The Hague.  Below you will find the story of both churches and how we came to be where we are today.  More information about Redeemer in The Hague can be found on their website.

  • 2010

    Redeemer The Hague is started.

  • 2016

    Decision made to start Redeemer Delft.


  • Autumn 2016

    Team begins praying in Delft.

  • 29 January 2017

    First Sunday Meeting in Delft.

    29 January 2017

  • 2017

    Church begins to grow.

  • Summer 2017

    Decision made to separate Redeemer Delft from Redeemer The Hague.

    Summer 2017

  • August 2017

    Delft goes to Ashburnham.

  • 6 May 2018

    Dean Wilding takes over leadership.

    6 May 2018

  • 1 July 2018

    Baptisms & Family Day at Delftse Hout.

  • 26 August 2018

    Moved to OPEN.

    26 August 2018

  • 18 November 2018

    Elders appointed.

  • 17 December 2018

    Stichting Redeemer International Church Delft started.

    17 December 2018

Redeemer International Church – Delft

Redeemer International Church in Delft was started in January 2017 when a group of people left Redeemer International Church in The Hague to start a new church in the heart of Delft.  This team was led original by Chris Taylor from The Hague church and subsequently by Dean Wilding.  

The vision of Redeemer The Hague was always to be involved in starting new churches in the Netherlands and beyond.  Over the course of the first few years in Redeemer The Hague they noticed that there was a good number of people coming through to Redeemer The Hague to participate in the life of the church from Delft only a few kilometers away.  It started to grow on their hearts that God was calling them to start a new international church in Delft.

During the course of 2016, the leadership in Redeemer The Hague started to gather together a group of people who would be the core of this new church in Delft.  Their original intention was that Redeemer Delft would be a “site” of Redeemer The Hague, that means it would have kept the same leadership and operational processes.  It would be one church, with one vision, in two locations.

By the autumn of 2016, a core of people started to meet in Delft to pray for this new church and the search for a place to meet in began.  In January 2017, we held our first public service in a ballet studio at the back of the old Vrije Academie van de Kunst (VAK) building on Westvest.  Around 50 people showed up on this first morning, some of whom, we still have no idea how they found out!

As 2017 continued, it became clear to us that Redeemer Delft was not going to be a site of the church in The Hague, it had a different character and feel to Redeemer The Hague, as children tend to be different to their parents!  The decision was made that Redeemer Delft would become its own church.  From this moment on, we stepped into a long and sometimes painful, yet nevertheless exciting journey with God to becoming our own self-governing church with our own leadership (elders) and operations.

In May 2018, the first piece in this puzzle was placed when Dean Wilding took over leadership from Chris Taylor and Chris returned to The Hague.  Over the course of the next six months the process of selecting elders who would go on to lead the church began.  This process was completed in November 2018 when elders were appointed and we stopped being a ‘church plant’ and became a church.

In this period we have seen God do great things: the church has grown, he has brought wonderful people to build the church with us and he has brought new people to join the family of faith.  It has been a joy to work with God in these things and we do not know exactly what plans God has for us, but we are excited with what the future holds as we work out who God is calling us to be in Delft.

Redeemer International Church – The Hague

Redeemer International Church was started in 2010 when a small group of people began to meet on a Sunday in The Hague. The group was made up of people from Holland, Africa and the UK. This team was led by Chris Taylor. Here, he shares a bit more about himself and the story of The Hague church so far.

Although I am originally from Botswana, I met and married my (Dutch) wife in Cape Town, South Africa. Karin and I have been married since 2003, and we have two sons, and a daughter.

It was in my early teens that I really began to grasp the truth of God’s grace. Then, on a gap year in the UK, I was introduced to Newfrontiers, a ‘family’ of churches around the world. This, in turn, led to me joining Jubilee Community Church in Cape Town, where I went to study at university. After university, I was a teacher for a couple of years before joining the staff at Jubilee. For both Karin and I, our time in Cape Town was crucial in shaping us and giving us a greater passion to see a beautiful church emerge all around the world. It was also while at Jubilee that God gave us a desire to be involved in church planting in Europe.

In 2006 David Holden, a church leader from the UK who is involved in starting and strengthening churches around the world, first chatted to us about starting a church in Holland. Straight away, we knew that this was from God and we found ourselves getting more and more excited about moving. It gradually became clearer that The Hague was the city to which we should go.

In early 2009 we moved to London, and were a part of New Community Church. This is the church where David Holden is based and we were a part of the church for a year while we prepared to move to The Hague. It was during this time that we began to make concrete plans for starting the new church. People began to commit themselves and an initial church core was formed.

Exactly one year after our move to London, we finally moved into The Hague and straight away began to gather people in the team for times of prayer, worship, and getting to know each other. We always wanted the church to be grounded on the essentials of prayer, worship, and relationship building (with each other as Christians, and with new friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc, who do not know Jesus). In June of 2010, we started to meet with each other on a Sunday morning, using one of our homes as a venue.

We chose the name of Redeemer International Church because we felt it described perfectly who we feel called to be in the city. We want to primarily reflect Jesus, our great Redeemer. We want to be a place where many people find their lives ‘redeemed’ by the love of God. We chose to include ‘International’ in the title because we want to be a church that reflects the international demographic of the city, as well as one which shares God’s passion for the nations world.

People continued to join us through the summer of 2010 and by the autumn of that year, we were no longer able to meet in even the biggest of our homes. We then moved our Sunday meeting to the Anglican Church of The Hague, using their church hall on Sunday afternoons. This was a time of building essential foundations for us as a church, as well as going through our values, and working out what specific mission God had called us to. In March 2011, David Holden came with a team from London and kick-started us into a new phase, meeting in our own venue, a fantastic meeting space in the centre of the city.

Redeemer continued to grow and by the summer, we knew that we needed to find a bigger and more permanent venue. After much prayer and searching for a new venue, God answered us wonderfully by enabling us to meet in the Nieuwe Kerk, right in the center of the city. This amazing venue was built as a church in the 16th Century but has not had a Sunday congregation since the 1970s. Since then it has been used as a concert hall and function venue, and will now also be the Sunday home of Redeemer.

We do not know exactly what the future holds for us as a Church but we know that God is with us and He has given us great dreams of a great church that itself will be involved in starting many other churches. What an adventure!